About Restaurant

Pancake House Dizni

Hello, my name is Dizni the Pancake House!

I was born in Novi Sad almost twenty years ago as a result of requited love with it’s majesty Pancake. Gentle, melting, soft as silk, filled with any filling you desire, I became a symbol of many childhoods around the world. Toppings and fillings were changing all the time but I always remained the same. People say that the pancakes are round and all alike but who ever dared to try them at my house has realized that they are for fact round, but again so different. Of fifty shades of pancakes, one shade makes a big difference.

And then pizza and pasta came into my life as heavenly ingredients to all senses. Carefully selected ingredients , exotic, crispy, al dente.. . They seduce with their scents and winn over with the taste. I became a hedonistic temple and guardian of tradition. Always ready for challenges, changes and advice. Ready to respond to your requests and desires because without you I would have been just another pancake house.

Instead I’m YOUR Pancake House-Pizzeria and you are always very welcome. See you soon!